Hair Micro-pigmentation


What is Hair Micro-Pigmentation?

HMP is an innovative, non-surgical procedure that is different from a

traditional tattoo. An extremely fine medical-grade needle is used to apply

the ink to the skin. During your HMP consultation, the Artist will determine

the ink color to ensure it matches your hair, ethnic background, and age.

The best part about HMP is the speed with which you see results, much like

a permanent makeup procedure. Because there is no hair to regrow, clients 

often see a difference in their appearance after only one session. 

Does it Look Real?

HMP blends in with the thinning to balding areas on the scalp. With the

artistry and technique we use, you cannot tell that someone has had HMP

even up close. Our Artist work with clients to help obtain the look they

want. Most clients want a soft, natural hairline, while some prefer a more

distinct looks.

Cost: $499 & up depending on the area and sessions needed. Book a free

consultation online with Amber or Cindy or call us at 951-303-3088.

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